August 24, 2010

Hot Damn & Hallelujah (emphasis on the hot)

We’re having the first heat wave of the summer. The temperature topped out at 107 today and it’s still in the low 80’s at nine o’clock in the evening. That’s almost unheard of around here. It’s normal to have chilly summer mornings (sometimes foggy), hot afternoons, and then down into the 50’s at night. This year we’ve had light rain and overcast skies that didn’t clear all day. Until yesterday.

I’m sitting on the front porch as I write this, a tall cold drink sweating onto the table. My neighbors all around have their windows open to catch the slightest breeze. Laughing kids, barking dogs, a siren, crickets chirping, snippets of conversation – they’re all the sounds of summer in the neighborhood. Even the ground is sighing away the day’s heat. I love the smell of fading day, that freshly watered lawn fragrance and hot asphalt mixed with barbeque, trees, and the creek across the road. The full moon has just made its way around the corner of the house, completing the night’s beauty.

I’m sure I’ll suffer for it tomorrow when the air conditioner at work is straining to keep up. But for now, right this minute, I’m glad summer has come to call.


Becca said...

We've had far too many of those hot days here this summer. At last, this week the weather has moderated and is absolutely perfect.

I'm enjoying it immensely.

culdesacchronicles said...

We've had so much heat and little rain this summer, but I'm sure it's much more humid here than where you are. I'm glad you got a taste of summer and you described it beautifully. Those "normal" chilly summer mornings, hot afternoons, and 50’s at night sound wonderful. It seems that hardly anyone had "normal" weather this summer. Strange.