January 1, 2011

A New Year's Phrase

It’s a new year, bright and shiny and full of possibilities, but there will be no resolutions made; they only bring out the defiant child in me and I end up breaking them all, not caring that it costs me the achievement of a goal. Instead, I’ve decided to adopt a phrase, a nudging reminder that there are changes afoot and now is the time to make them.
A few of the changes are standard – exercise more, make better food choices. Most of us know those goals very well. Some are more personal, rising from questions that barreled at me around my birthday last year. There’s no doubt I’ve entered the phase of life called “mid”. It’s not the half-way point (or, most likely, beyond), but the point at which the balance can shift. I can be lazy and it’s all downhill from here, or, better, I can take a good, long look at what I need to be to stay happy, healthy, and contributing to this world. Fixing a goal in mind does no good if I do nothing to support getting there.
My reminder, the whisper in my ear, will be a question: If not now … when? There has to be a starting point for everything and it is now. Otherwise it’s always tomorrow, next week, after the holiday, when I have more money, when the cows come home and pigs fly.  When I’m tempted to slide it will be the question that calls me to make a choice – if not now, when? That doesn’t mean I’ll always follow through. Good lord, where would the fun be in that? But a conscious choice is always better than being an old horse following the same track home every night.  There are lots more trails to be explored and this year, now, I intend to gallop a little.


Christine said...

I appreciate the way you express your thoughts.
I want to gallop a little this year also.

Star said...

After a year of focusing on "confidence" I'm moving on the "thrive/flourish" for this year. Wishing you all the best as you seize those moments when they are presented and make the most of them.

Becca said...

There comes a point when we all ask ourselves that question..."if not now...when?" I've been asking it a lot lately. So often I let fear hold me back from the things I really could be doing. I'd like to stop being so afraid, and be able to walk out in faith.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post.

Any time is a good time to take the reins of your own life, but never is it more important than midlife. It can make all the difference and I wish I'd taken it more seriously at that point in my life. I wish you all the luck in the world. You'll surely falter along the way. You're only human but keep trying.