June 17, 2010

A Summer Morning

My best friend asked me to teach her how to make jam. We started with an easy recipe, strawberry jam - only a few ingredients and minimal fruit preparation required. On Tuesday morning I packed up all my canning equipment and drove to her house in the country where she’s surrounded by apple trees and grapevines and fresh air and we talked and canned and talked some more. It was wonderful.

The beginning.

The end.

The bonus - spending time with this sweet girl.


culdesacchronicles said...

oh, that looks delicious. dad loves homemade jam. he received some peach jam for father's day. he said he was going to eat it on biscuits and pancakes. doesn't get much better than that.

Amber said...

Hey you. Thought of you when I was up your way last weekend for my friend's wedding. :)
That dog is a beauty.

oxoxoxoxox :)

Christine said...

Come over to my house and teach me!
Love strawberry jam and yours looks delicious.