June 2, 2011

Crazy, Stupid Weather

Here we are in June and it's supposed to be sunny, at least in the afternoon. We get morning fog here during summer, but then it clears and we have gorgeous weather. Sweater in the morning, tank top in the afternoon. It's the way it is here. Really. Usually.

Yesterday I wore a wool coat to work. This morning I turned the heater on to take the chill off the house. It's supposed to rain into next week. I'm ready for summer and the weather isn't cooperating!


Christine said...

We haven't hit 70 degrees yet, in the Pacific Northwest.
I'm with you, I'm ready for Summer.

gkgirl said...

it feels like a long time since i have been by here...i missed it!

and we have just started feeling like summer here in my little anne island part of the world...finally...i hope yours is coming as well!

Anonymous said...

Have you opened a new blog?